We are scheduling guests 16 years and older. 

You must have an appointment may enter the salon. 

If you need assistance, please let us know so we can make special arrangements.


Before you arrive:

  1. Your confirmation text will be sent 48-hours before every appointment.  Included will be a link for a health survey...  you know, standard COVID stuff (have you been exposed, are you having symptoms and/or tested positive).   If you aren't feeling well, reschedule. 

  2. Save our Text Anytime number to your contacts: 720.704.1925

When you arrive:

  1. Text ARRIVED to our Text Anytime number (720. 704.1925) to let us know you are here. We will let you know when you can come in -- we will even meet you at the door with a huge Halcyon smile (you just can't see it because we will be wearing our mask).   

  2. You also have to wear a mask at all times in the salon.  Please wear a mask that wraps around your ears.

  3. We will take your temperature.  If your temp is 100.4 degrees or higher, we will postpone your appointment and look to reschedule following a 14-day waiting period and providing you have no further symptoms.  Tip... don't sit in a HOT car, your temp will rise.  We definitely don't want that to happen. 

  4. Wash and sanitize those filthy hands (everyone's hands are a little filthy.... when was the last time you washed your steering wheel?  We won't judge...) and then let the Halcyon magic begin!

At checkout:

  1. Check-out is completely touchless....  what?! Yep, you heard right, we are accepting credit and debit cards, apple or google pay only.


  1. Our phones are busy and with the reduced capacity, we have limited phone hours.  But not to worry!  The best way to manage your appointment is electronic.   We have options tailored for almost anyone's tech appetite (are you hungry yet?) and preference.  Your account is in sync no matter which option you use.  YOU GOT THIS!

    • Love your mobile device, use our app 

    • Prefer your computer... use our book online  

    • Toggle between both...start your booking on your computer and send it to your phone with our halcyon text anytime™  

  2. Don't ghost us (if you opt-out of text or email communication, we won't be able to reach you -- remember we have limited phone coverage).   Grumble, grumble, grumble, covid-19, grumble.​

The "rules" (aka the really serious stuff):

  • By state mandate, you can only come in if you have an appointment.  Want to order product?  Fill out our form:  halcyon curbside pickup  and we will deliver it to your car (just pull up out front and yep, you guessed it, text ARRIVED!)

  • You gotta leave all personal items at home or in your car.  A good rule of thumb: only bring what fits in your pocket.  Limited to your car key, phone, credit, or debit card.  We know what you were thinking... break out the tech vest with the giant pockets.   Don't make us go TSA on you!

  • Did we mention...  if you have been exposed or show symptoms, cancel your appointment?  Yep, that. 


  • No hot or cold drinks being served.... can't bring in your own (the state says you have to keep your mask on).

  • No warm chocolate chip cookies during this time (torture for us too). 

  • No tablets (yours or ours), laptops, books, crocheting, letter writing, wood whittling, pottery wheels, etc. 

  • No relaxing rituals and massages (ewwwww, so many germs -- did we really used to do that?  Yep... can't wait to do it again!).

  • Before we forget...  if you have been exposed or show symptoms, cancel your appointment. Wait, did we already say that?

If you are at higher risk for severe illness as defined by the CDC please stay at home as the best way to prevent illness is to avoid exposure. 




Salon Halcyon has been awarded the Boulder County 5 Star Certification!

This is an acknowledgment of our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and team by going above a beyond what is required by Public Health Orders.

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Tuesday through Saturday: 8a - 8p

Closed Sundays and Mondays




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