Effective July 1st, if you have been vaccinated, you will not longer be required to wear a mask during your visit.   You may text your proof of vaccination to 720.704.1925 or present your vaccination card at the thime of arrive.   If you have not been vaccinated, you will be required to wear a mask. 

  If you prefer your stylist to wear a mask during your appointment, just let us know!


It is our pleasure to welcome unaccompanied guests 16 years and older.  Only those with an appointment may enter the salon.   If you need assistance, please let us know so we can make arrangements.


Before you arrive:

  1. Your confirmation text will be sent 48-hours before every appointment.  If you aren't feeling well, reschedule. 

When you arrive:

  1. Text ARRIVED to 720-704-1925 to let us know you are here. We will let you know when you can come in.


  1. Our phones are busy so the best way to manage your appointments may be electronically, depending on your tech appetite (are you hungry yet?) and preference.  Your account is in sync no matter which option you use.  YOU GOT THIS!

    • Love your mobile device, use our app 

    • Prefer your computer... use our book online  

    • Toggle between both...start your booking on your computer and send it to your phone with our halcyon text anytime™  

  2. Don't ghost us (if you opt-out of text or email communication, we won't be able to reach you -- remember we have limited phone coverage).   

The "rules" (aka the really serious stuff):

  • You can only come in if you have an appointment or want to shop for product.  

  • Prefer curbside pickup? Fill out our form:  halcyon curbside pickup  and we will deliver it to your car (just pull up out front and yep, you guessed it, text ARRIVED!)  


  • If you are vaccinated and becuase your mask is optional, you may bring in a personal beverage. 

  • In-salon beverage service will continue to be suspended until mask requirements are fully retired.




halcyon five star certification.png


Salon Halcyon has been awarded the Boulder County 5 Star Certification!

This is an acknowledgment of our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and team by going above a beyond what is required by Public Health Orders.