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halcyon text anytime™

manage your appointments or ask a question via text, anytime

TIPS so Tristan, will understand your request (he is a bot and will otherwise get confused):

  • to book a new service, type "book appointment" and then select the service you want; for multiple services (ex: retouch + hair cut) select "multiple services combined"; for a cut and style, select "cut" (all services include a style)

  • to reschedule an existing appointment, enter "reschedule"

  • to cancel an existing appointment, type "cancel" (note if your cancelling with less than 24 hours notice, must call the salon or your cancellation will not be recorded and it will be considered a no show).

  • if you want a description of a service, type description and the service name (ex" description for partial highlight)

  • go ahead and ask any question about our services and policies

  • If at anytime you are not getting the information you need, simply type CHAT to be transferred to our guest concierge (during normal business hours).

  • If you start a conversation on your computer but want to finish on your phone, click on "Switch to SMS"

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