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Meet Greicy!

Hello! I'm Greicy and would love to be your new stylist! I graduated from IBMC college at the end of 2019! I love brightening up someone's face with highlights & customizing haircuts to fit each person and their beautiful, unique features. I myself have curly hair & love my curly girls! I love to shower my clients with knowledge I've learned throughout the years to help embrace not just their beautiful textured hair, but as a whole knowing more about your specific hair type. It's amazing having the ability to connect with people & hear different perspectives on life experiences to then help them feel their best from the outside in. 

When i'm not behind the chair, you can find me in nature! I love going to a lake close to me where I will read, journal, walk and listen to a podcast or good music! 

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"I booked an appointment with Greicy for an outgrowth root touchup. She matched my color beautifully and gave me advice for growing out my short curly hair. The blowout style she gave me was a great alternative style I can choose when I’m not wearing my natural coils." 

- Arpie 


"I loved Greicy so much! Her energy was lovely and she helped me to shape my hair in a way that was lovely for my face and also the style I was hoping for. I would absolutely book her again! She gave me my favorite haircut and salon experience yet!"

- Emme

"Greicy is one of the few people I've found that truly knows how to cut curly hair!"

- Robert

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