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Is the tip still included in the price? 

No, the tip is no longer included in the price. As of October 2023, we have switched to no longer adding the tip to the price. We have adjusted pricing to be less than before. All Tips are completely optional. 


How does your point system work?

Every dollar you spend, you'll receive a point of which you can redeem for a free hair treatment service! 


How do I book an appointment?


Are there other options to tip?

Of course, we do have three ways to tip your stylist! All are completely optional, and are eligible to receive points for free services!


- Write a review (25 points)

- Referral (50 points)

- Cash Tip 


Are your services done by the hour anymore?

No, we have changed our services to a flat rate. Every time when receiving a service, the price will always be the same every time. We made this change due to clients never really knowing how much their service would cost every time when done by the hour. Pricing was continuously fluctuating. We wanted every client to know exactly how much their services would cost before walking into the door for their appointment. 

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