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Meet Sammie!

Hi! I'm Sammie Jo. 

I've been a stylist for 15 years. I'm fascinated to learn about new trends and techniques. 

I relish at the chance to build relationships with people, while simultaneously sharing my knowledge on how to maintain the integrity & luxuriance of the hair. 

I believe my strengths are best shown through my intricate highlighting design and haircuts customized to each individual. 

I also love doing hair and have an I-tip certification with Dreamcatchers. 

In my free time, I love working out at a barre class and skiing! 


"Sammie Jo is the best. Love her work! Thank you for all you do!" - Sara

"It was the best salon experience ever. Thank you so much!" - Isabella

"Sammie Jo knew exactly what I needed and did an amazing job! Thank you so much!!" - Sirena

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